Angel Dust and Colossus Are in Deadpool


deadpool-vs-colossusWhen the Deadpool script leaked online a few years ago, most who read it screamed that Fox should make it right away. It was hilarious, violent, and very, very hardcore R. It also had an appearance by Colossus in some of the movie’s best scenes.

Now the Hollywood Reporter says that Gina Carano will be playing the Morlock mutant Angel Dust, and that Colossus will appear in the movie. The script that leaked online didn’t have Angel Dust as a character in the movie, instead Wade’s love interest was named Vanessa. Obviously a lot will have changed from that script (the full frontal nudity and year-long sex scene have to go most likely), so Angel Dust would be a new addition.

Right now no one knows if THR is basing the Colossus news on that old script of if he’ll remain in the movie. He should, as in that script he’s in the movie twice and both times are hilarious. Just imagine Deadpool trying to punch metal Colossus as hard as he can and you’ll have the right idea.