There Will Be NO Early Viewing of the Star Wars Rebels Season Finale


star-wars-rebels-premiere-e1408455216300Something a great many Star Wars fans have complained about is the early viewing of Rebels episodes. Disney has been posting the episodes to cable OnDemand on select systems and the WatchDisneyXD app a week before they air on DisneyXD. As only select cable systems have access to the episodes that way, it’s left a lot of fans trying to avoid spoilers for an entire week before they can see the episode.

That won’t be a problem with the season finale. Today Lucasfilm revealed that the only place you’ll be able to see the final episode of season one is on DisneyXD on March 2nd. It’ll then go to other sources after that initial airing.

Is this Lucasfilm finally reacting to fan’s complaints? Or are there major spoilers they’re trying to hide before the first viewing?