Timeline of Spidey\’s Return to Marvel


spidey-avengers-moneyLast night Sony Pictures and Marvel gave fans what they’ve been wanting for a very long time. Spider-Man is now par of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following the performance of Amazing Spider-Man 2, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but it’s been a long road for fans who followed the drama that brought us to this point.

In May of 2014 Max Landis tweeted that he heard Spider-Man was going back to Marvel. He then deleted his tweets as he may have spoke too soon, but that was the first real meaty rumor of something happening.

All was quiet until October, when HitFix reported that they’ve heard talks were happening that could open the door to Sony loaning Spidey to Marvel.

Then the infamous Sony hack took place at the end of last year.

In early December we learned about how Sony execs weren’t happy with not making any of the money from Spider-Man toys. Then we learned how Marvel wanted Spider-Man in Civil War, but Sony walked away from the discussions. Then Latino Review heard that Sony Corp in Japan wasn’t happy with Sony killing the talks, and that a deal could still happen.

Following that more information came out on Reddit detailing what we would see if the deal would happen. Interestingly, this information matches what was announced last night very closely. After that we learned details on what the cameo in Civil War would be like, and then there was news that Spidey will appear in Infinity War.

It’s been a bumpy ride over the last six months or so, but the important thing is Spidey is home!