Disney Offered Sony Billions for Spider-Man


spidey-moneyIt’s been a crazy few hours for Spider-Man fans following the news last night that he’ll be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now more information about the specifics of the deal are coming out, including some hints as to what went on behind the scene prior to it being finalized.

Aside from learning that Spidey fiend Avi Arad has been reduced to an Executive Producer role and have zero creative control anymore, The Hollywood Reporter found out that Disney tried to buy back Spider-Man:

Marvel has been trying for years to wrest the Spider-Man rights back from Sony, offering billions, sources say.

Instead Sony leased Spider-Man to Marvel as putting him in Civil War would give them free exposure to the new rebooted version of the character. For Marvel it could be the first step to completely owning the character again, or even make it easier for Disney to buy Sony Pictures if it goes up for sale.

If Marvel is offering Sony billions for Spider-Man, could they be doing the same to Fox for the Mutants and Fantastic Four?