Could Constantine Move to Syfy?


constantineNBC’s Constantine was doomed from the moment it premiered. Shacked with the dreaded Friday night death slot of 10:00pm, the show didn’t have the shock factor that Hannibal used to survive its time in the slot. Instead it was a solid adaptation of a Vertigo/DC comic that has earned itself a large number of devoted fans. The series completes its first 13 episodes this Friday and as of right now it looks like it may be done on NBC.

But could it have new life elsewhere?

Cinelinx has heard that NBC is considering moving the show to their sister station of SyFy and renaming it Hellblazer. The series has aired on SyFy in the past when NBC aired a marathon of episodes there, and it apparently fit in very well.

DC will be relaunching the Constantine comic this June and the Hellblazer title will be returning to that as well. Maybe this is actually happening?