Action Figures Confirm a Digital Release of the Star Wars Saga


star wars saga
One month ago word came out about a possible digital release for all six Star Wars movies on May 4th. This was based on leaked toy listings for special collector’s sets to tie in with the release, much like they did with the Blu-Rays a few years ago.

Now a Facebook page called Andrew’s Toys has posted photos of the “Digital Release Commemorative Collection” action figure sets for all six movies. This confirms the sets are meant to tie into a digital release of the films, which means we’ll see them released on iTunes…and possibly even on Netflix given Disney’s relationship with them.

Note the “Episode” titles for the Original Trilogy sets. That’s yet another loud piece of evidence that these will just be digital releases of the current Blu-Ray cuts. Those holding out hope for an unaltered Original Trilogy release had better give up, it’s never happening.