5 Things Jupiter Ascending Recycled From The Matrix Trilogy



The Wachowskis have their devoted group of fans who will endlessly post Speed Racer gifs on the internet to try to explain why that bomb is an amazing movie, and then there are those who believe Cloud Atlas is some misunderstood masterpiece. But the facts of reality is that the siblings haven’t had an honest hit since The Matrix Trilogy, which is why a sixteen-year-old movie is being used to sell Jupiter Ascending to the masses.

That’s why instead of coming up with something new, Jupiter Ascending appears to just be the Wachowskis dusting off their Matrix scripts and re-writing them with new character names. Don’t believe me? Here are five ways the movie is just a recycling of the Matrix Trilogy:

Jupiter is Neo


Both Neo and Jupiter are the same character. Both are working mundane jobs at the beginning of their story, and then they both go on to be “THE ONE” of their respective universes. Jupiter’s story almost follows Neo’s beat-by-beat, almost as if the Wachowski’s took a Matrix script and did a find and replace for “Neo” with “Jupiter”. Naturally this would make Caine out to be the Trinity in this story, and his arc matches hers as well.

Stinger is Morpheus


Neo (er…I mean Jupiter) needs someone to explain the truth of the universe to her and how she’s been living a lie. In The Matrix they used Morpheus for that bit of exposition, and in Jupiter Ascending it’s Stinger. He even has history with Caine, again showing that Channing Tatum’s character is the Trinity replacement here.

Humans are Grown for Food


In Jupiter Ascending humans on Earth are grown like cattle to be fed to the rich royalty of the universe to keep them young. This is identical to how humans in The Matrix are grown to provide power (food) to the machines. It’s a core plot point to the movie and it was lifted directly out of the sibling’s only other major hit.

Jupiter’s Rescue is from The Matrix Revolutions


For this one you actually have to look at the third Matrix movie. When Neo and Trinity are going to the machine city they have to go through an impossible wall of countless Sentinels. In Jupiter Ascending when Caine and Stinger go to rescue Jupiter from her faux wedding, they go through an impossible wall of countless Warhammers. I almost expected to see some Sentinels fly past the screen, it’s that much of a blatant recycle from the Matrix Trilogy.

They Have the Same Ending


Both Jupiter Ascending and The Matrix have the exact same ending. The Matrix ending with Neo accepting his position as THE ONE and flew off towards the camera. Jupiter Ascending ends with Jupiter accepting her position as queen of the universe and flying away from the camera. It’s the exact same ending!