When Will We Learn of Disney\’s Star Wars Rides?


star-tours-2Yesterday Disney had their annual earnings call, and of course the question about Star Wars in the theme parks came up. We’ve known for a long time that Disney has been working on ideas to bring more Star Wars stuff into the parks outside of the already existing Star Tours and Jedi Training Academy, the only question is when we’ll see them.

Once again Iger said how ambitious and big the plans are, and said that we’ll be hearing about them later in the year.

The thing a lot of people are going off on wild speculation is about is when they’ll make that reveal.

Obviously some people are thinking they’ll talk about it at Star Wars Celebration in April. There’s a slight possibility they may be hinted at there, but don’t expect a huge blow-out of what Imagineering is working on.

Another place everyone is talking about is San Diego Comic Con in July. This won’t be happening. Disney, especially the Parks division, never has a presence at San Diego Comic Con. They don’t care how many people attend that convention, they don’t reveal new Parks attractions at what is basically a movie/tv/comics show. There’s also another very good reason why Disney won’t be revealing Star Wars theme park attractions in San Diego this July.

In August Disney is holding their biennial D23 Expo in Anaheim. This is where we’ll see what Imagineering is planning for Star Wars. Not only does Walt Disney Imagineering hold panels and presentations at Disney’s expo, but they also usually have a really impressive pavilion on the show floor where they’re able to display artwork, models, and a lot more for people to see up close.

So if you want to see the sort of Star Wars attractions Disney is working on for their theme parks around the world, you’ll just need to be patient and wait until August when they put on their Expo in Anaheim. Don’t go into Celebration or SDCC expecting to see them, otherwise you’ll probably end up disappointed.