How the Sabine Wren Star Wars Spin-Off Rumor Debunks the Boba Fett One


sabine-wrenLast week a rumor came out regarding Boba Fett in the first Star Wars spin-off that could make sense if they set the movie during the time of the Sequel Trilogy. Unfortunately the same site that originated that rumor now has posted something that raises a red flag and points to both of the rumors being nothing more made up lies to get people to talk about their site.

This latest rumor from Ikwiz says that Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany will be playing Star Wars Rebels’ Sabine Wren in the Star Wars spin-off. The problem is, it doesn’t look like Maslany has been cast in the movie at all…

The origin of Tatiana Maslany “landing” the Star Wars role comes from Total Geek after she pulled out of an off-broadway play due to scheduling conflicts. They assumed that these conflicts come from her needing to film the Star Wars spin-off as it’s expected to start very soon. However she won’t be filming that movie as The Wrap has learned that she left the play to film an independent movie, and not Star Wars.

Another problem comes when you match this one up with their rumor about Boba Fett. Sabine is older than Luke, which means she’d be in her 70s by the time of the Sequel Trilogy. They wouldn’t be casting a young actress like Tatiana Maslany just to cover her in makeup to look 70. That means if Sabine is in the spin-off, it’d have to be set before the Original Trilogy…but then the Boba Fett change couldn’t happen as Lucasfilm says it’s not going to.

Last year, Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo explained on Facebook why the story of Boba Fett not being a Jango clone is completely and totally false:

Spoiler: Boba is a clone of Jango Fett. It turns up in one of the movies.”

“There was this whole thing where he was a legitimate character with a developed back story and complex motivation that showed up on this show called Clone Wars. It was pretty neat. The guy who invented the character came up with it, which was a nice touch. I think it’s on Netflix.”

“Also – get this – there’s a version of The Empire Strikes Back (“Episode V” some call it) where they went to the trouble to make Boba Fett’s voice the same voice as the character who played his father. That was one of several clues woven into the movies that strongly suggest the movies released from 1999-2005 take place in the same universe, and if you think about it, are sort of the same story as the ones that came out earlier. It’s pretty crazy. They’re connected. Anyway, this version of it can be found on DVD and Blu-ray where such things are sold.”

“Anyway, these sorts of clues are hidden all throughout the movies. The opening crawls are actually numbers if you look at it (I = 1, II= 2/… V = 5, VI = 6). if you look at it the right way, it hints that this whole thing is meant to tie together.”

“You know, there was a post not a month ago that said what were the immovable objects in the Star Wars canon. The internet records such things.”

“Obviously I got nothing against **** (cheers!) It’s just the rebooted Fett rumor is so transparently coming from someone (not ****, in case there’s any confusion) who still has an axe to grind against the prequels. That’s where all these retcon prequel rumors come from. Don’t give ‘em any weight.”

This IKwiz site is nothing doing nothing more than posting completely made up Star Wars rumors as clickbait to get attention to their site. And it’s working because everyone is spreading around their bullshit as if it’s fact. This happened a lot with The Force Awakens prior to more information coming out about it, especially before the casting was announced, and it looks like it’ll be a viscous cycle with every Star Wars movie from now on.