Gary Whitta\’s Star Wars Replacement Also Hates the Prequels


The Phantom Menace

When Gary Whitta was removed from the upcoming Star Wars spin off, many Star Wars fans were happy. After all, Whitta went on an epic rant bashing everything Star Wars related that happened after the release of Return of the Jedi. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but saying “F Lucas” while advocating people pirate the Original Trilogy was taking it a bit too far…especially for someone Lucasfilm hired to write a Star Wars movie.

Tonight was sent a series of tweets that show’s Whitta’s replacement isn’t a fan of The Phantom Menace:

[imagebrowser id=33]

Granted this is nowhere near as bad as what Whitta said. Still, there are probably a lot of Star Wars fans that aren’t happy to see this is the person writing the first spin-off…