Aaron Paul Confirmed to be in Consideration for Star Wars, Bitch


aaron-paul-breaking-badLast year on Christmas day our buddy Jason over at MakingStarWars.net posted a report that said Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul was in consideration for the male lead in the upcoming Star Wars spin-off that Gareth Edwards is directing. Following that posting, the majority of the internet mocked MakingStarWars and said there’s no way Aaron Paul would be cast in a Star Wars movie.

Well today they’re vindicated.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that not only is Aaron Paul in consideration for the male lead, but Felicity Jones is “in Talks” for the female lead. That there pretty much puts a cap on all of the Tatiana Maslany rumors from over the weekend. THR does say that Maslany was in consideration, but we know now that she is doing an indie movie instead.

THR also says Edgar Ramirez is in interest for the male lead, but according to the MSW report from December it was Aaron Paul that was being talked about at Pinewood where it’ll be filmed.

With the lead cast members this close to being finalized, it looks like the rumored February or March start date for filming may be true…