TNT\’s Teen Titans are Revealed


Teen-TitansWe currently have four major DC Comics series airing on television, and that number is going to grow later this year with CBS’s Supergirl and TNT’s Teen Titans. We recently learned who will play Kara in Supergirl, and more and more news is coming out of that show and now we know more about who will make up the Teen Titan’s roster.

The Nerdist has learned that Dick Grayson will be the leader of the team, and the cool thing is that he begins he series as Robin. We’ll also get to see Barbara Gordon as Oracle, and the team will be rounded out with Hawk, Dove, and Raven. There will also be an appearance by Starfire and she’ll likely become a team member as well.

TNT’s Teen Titans doesn’t have a start date yet, but most expect it to air this fall.