Tarkin Returns in Star Wars Rebels \’Call to Action\’


tarkin-rebelsWe’ve already had Vader, Artoo, Threepio, Yoda, and Lando in Star Wars Rebels and the next episode will bring back another Original Trilogy character.

This time it’ll be Tarkin, voiced by Stephen Stanton.

The evil Imperial loyalist and high-ranking officer was last seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars prior to having his back story told in the excellent Tarkin novel. This appearance is set a few years after that book, and it’s part of an incredible episode of the series. Those who thought Rebels would be “kiddie” and never put our heroes into any sense of danger will really want to check out “Call to Action”

Lucasfilm is really raising the bar in these final season one episodes of Rebels, and there are some whispers that you will not believe how awesome the Season Two premiere is going to be.