John Romita Jr. Slightly Redesigns Superman\’s Costume


romita-superman-redesignJohn Romita Jr. has been drawing Superman for a little while now, and his move to DC was seen as a big deal for a traditionally Marvel-only artist to do. He’s been drawing a pretty interesting Superman story dealing with a 4th dimension threat, and in an upcoming issue he’ll be modifying Jim Lee’s New 52 Superman design slightly…and people are of course freaking out.

The big thing most complaints are focusing on are the finger-less gloves that expand on the long cuffs from the Jim Lee design. He also modified the belt, giving it a yellow buckle, and changed the boots up slightly as well. Honestly it’s not a huge change, but those gloves are so offensive people on the internet are acting like it’s the 90s Red/Blue costumes all over again.