Rumor: These Are the Directors Marvel Wants For Thor: Ragnarok


thor-the-dark-worldWith all of the drama surrounding Joss Whedon not coming back for Avengers: Infinity War and people ignoring the fact that the Russo brothers will likely handle the third Avengers film, it seems like other Marvel movies are falling through the cracks. Marvel has said that Thor: Ragnarok will be as important to Phase 3 as The Winter Soldier was to Phase 2, and now there’s a big rumor about that important film…

A poster on Reddit who claims to have been working as a PA at Marvel Studios prior to being laid off earlier this year spilled some information in a post about three directors that Marvel is considering to direct the third Thor movie. He says that Marvel is treating the Thor franchise as if it’s in critical condition, and the third movie would have less humor and no Darcy.

These are the directors he names along with the reasoning behind them:

Adam McCay:

Mckay who has mainly directed comedies, did a substantial re-write on Ant-Man. During this time, both Marvel and Mckay saw a lot of potential on both sides in working together. Mckay understands these characters, more so then the perception of him probably allows. Also, because he’s worked with Marvel, the studio is comfortable working with him and knows the type of output he’ll churn out.

Gareth Edwards:

The main reason Marvel isn’t 100% behind him is simply timing. Edwards has Star Wars and Godzilla 2, and a small window between both films where he could direct the Thor sequel. If timing was to work, both parties are interested. It’s said that it was Edwards ability to balance the large scale battles of Godzilla with the brevity of the human characters that has Marvel confident he’s a good fit for the job.

Matt Reeves:

is being considered mainly due to his success in taking over the Apes franchise from Rupert Wyatt where he dug in his heels and really created a better film. Marvel is essentially hoping someone can do the same with Thor, and thinks that he has a good vision for the third Thor film.

Of course there’s no way to know if the guy is legit, but nothing here is completely unbelievable. It’s a rumor for now…