Descriptions of Han, Leia, and Chewie\’s Costumes in The Force Awakens


the-force-awakensRecently a pretty large film blog made a pretty insane declaration on Twitter claiming that Lucasfilm would not use Han, Luke, Leia, or Chewie in the marketing for The Force Awakens. Of course as delusional as that sounded, it now appears to be completely wrong as publicity photos of the original cast in costume have been taken. As their roles aren’t very large in the movie they wouldn’t be the focus of the marketing of the film, but to think Disney would hide the classic characters from fans is a just another crazy thought coming from a site who thinks they should remake the Prequels.

There’s no word as to when these photos will be released to the public, but MakingStarWars saw one that features Han, Leia, and Chewie and described their costumes…


In the photo, Princess Leia is siting with her arm around the Wookiee, on his lap, as if Chewbacca is Santa Claus. Han Solo stands behind them with his arms crossed. The first photo in the gallery is really similar to the pose they’re in. Han Solo has the coat that looks really similar to the Indie Revolver concept leak, but the shirt is a little more Return of the Jedi and the duster appears to be the shorter cut, so its very much not a trench coat. His hair is gray, he’s got some mileage, sweetheart. Han’s expression is impatient but you can tell they’re having fun taking the photos.


Contrary to the bits we’ve seen of Chewbacca so far, he really does have a little more grey in his fur but not a ton, just more than the recent photos would have you think. In the “Thank You” video, I think that’s a stunt double’s costume. The Bob Iger pic had an Instagram filter on it that obscured the real look of the beast, so to speak. Basically, Chewbacca’s A New Hope mustache is back and its more serious than ever. Its pretty dark. The front of the mask has very yellowish/brown hair which allows the ‘stache to really shine. When you get to the top of the head hairline, its a little darker in tone and there’s more white/grey hair dispersed in there than the Return of the Jedi costume had. The source joked that Chewbacca’s ‘stache is almost looking a little Billy Dee in the shot. The costume looks really stellar and Chewbacca seems to have an upgraded satchel as well. In reality, the Chewbacca costume hasn’t really been revealed as the hero suit is still unseen publicly. The hair is combed straight back, classic style, no bangs for the Wookiee.


Princess Leia is wearing a solid jumpsuit. It is grayish blue. She wears a black vest which hangs below her waist. The vest is more in the style of the Tantive IV trooper than Han Solo’s classic vest. The jumpsuit has an open button-down collar and the cuffs are rolled up about two inches at her wrists. She has a thick black belt with a silver belt-buckle (very 1980). Her hair is braided and pulled over to the side so it hangs over her left shoulder in a ponytail. Her hair is grey with dark blonde tones to it. She has dark black boots on with a darker black band around the top of them.

Leia’s costume really evokes the look and feel of the Tantive IV Troopers sans dopey space helmet. The blue with the black vest and the black boots almost works in a way as to state she is or was of those people. Its an early Spring attire that says “Remember Alderaan.” The under-jumpsuit really has an Empire Strikes Back vibe to it. But overall, she looks like the queen of the Tantive IV troopers.

It’s very possible we may actually see at least one of these photos leak very soon. Perhaps within the next week or so. As soon as it does, we’ll link you to it so you can see it for yourself.