Are There Hutts in The Force Awakens?


Jabba the HuttThis morning Latino Review dropped their weekly Star Wars article. Unlike previous ones where they didn’t really mention anything that hasn’t been talked about previously, today they dropped a bombshell about practically built Hutts.

But as usual, there’s a lot more to the story.

This is something that was floating around for a little while, as last year there was a description of concept art of Leia facing off against some Hutts while flanked by the Greenham Common guards.

MakingStarWars shares what he’s heard of the Hutts and how many there are in the movie:

I was told four to five Hutts were constructed using the same techniques from Return of the Jedi. The puppets appear in the same shot and it was insanely difficult to do.

Five puppet Hutts would be pretty complex to film, just based on how many people had to operate the original Return of the Jedi Jabba puppet. Where do the Hutts fit in to the story? That’s going to be a big bit of speculation over the next few months…