The Terminator: Genisys Super Bowl Spot Features the New Terminator


terminator-genisys-super-bowlTerminator: Genisys may be receiving some mocking online, and a lot of it may be deserved, but I’m cautiously looking forward to it. I believe that out of every franchise out there, that has the potential to continue, the one that needs a reboot the most is Terminator. They’ve had to retcon the date of Judgement Day so many times over the last fifteen years that it’s become a joke by now. That’s why I’m kind of looking forward to a fresh start with Terminator. The originals will still be there and awesome, lets see what they do with this trilogy.

In advance of the Super Bowl on Sunday, the new teaser trailer that will air during the game has been released online. It naturally focuses a lot on Arnold’s older “Guardian” Terminator, but there’s some shots in there of the T-1000 and what could be a new model Terminator reproducing the T-1000 in fire shot from Terminator 2.

Here’s the trailer: