The Genetic Cocktail of the Indominus Rex is Revealed


indominus-rexJurassic World’s big bad dinosaur that escapes and eats people isn’t a normal dino we’ve seen before. Over the years that Jurassic World has been open to the public, people have become bored with normal dinosaurs. So the company that runs the park decides to create their own dinosaur through combining various species, because nothing could possibly go wrong.

The official Jurassic World site has updated the Indominus Rex page to explain what was used to splice together this new predator:

At first glance, Indominus most closely resembles a T. Rex. But its distinctive head ornamentation and ultra-tough bony osteoderms can be traced from Theropods known as Abeliosaurs. Indominus’ horns have been placed above the eye orbit through genetic material hybridized from Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Giganotosaurus. Fearsome indeed.

We’ve actually seen what this dinosaur looks like via leaks of merchandise. Maybe he’ll make an appearance in the upcoming Super Bowl spot?