Description of the All-CG T-800 vs T-800 Fight in Terminator: Genisys


terminator-genisysIf you weren’t too impressed by the Terminator: Genisys trailer, this latest bit of news may not instill too much confidence. As we saw in the trailer, the old Terminator who raised Sarah Connor confronts and fights the younger T-800 at Griffith Observatory. Now we know that fight will feature two CG Arnolds going at it.

The Terminator Fans has a very spoilerly description of the fight, and have learned this:

Our source close to the production stated that Skydance are unhappy with some of the shots filmed for the fight and that instead of doing re-shoots with Schwarzenegger; they will instead also create a CGI digital older version of Schwarzenegger for the fight.

Sometimes in movies a body-double is also used and they will digitally map an actor’s face over them, this is also the case for Genisys but at some points of the fight both T-800s will be FULLY 3D.

Apparently the studio (Skydance Productions) are comfortable with digitally recreating the older Arnold for necessary segments of the fight and they aim to make the fight “more brutal” than possibly originally planned. Obviously footage of the real Arnold will still exist in the fight. So for some shots of the T-800 battle frenzy both cyborgs will be full CGI if these images are anything to go by or perhaps interlaced with other footage.

It’s very, very, rare for CG body doubles to look convincing. In fact, ILM is really one of the few effects houses who has been able to pull it off (see The Avengers). As ILM isn’t handling this all-CG Terminator fight, I’m already wincing at what it’ll look like on-screen.