Fox is Working on a Live Action X-Men Series


x-menIt’s been rumored for a long time, but now it’s official. Marvel’s mutants may be headed to prime time thanks to Fox (who owns the film rights).

Everything is still very early, and THR says that Marvel still has to sign off on the show:

While conversations to bring the franchise to the small screen are under way, sources indicate a deal is far from complete with Marvel — which owns the comic rights — still having to sign off on the deal. The comic book powerhouse is based at Disney, with ABC shows including Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter on the network and five upcoming straight-to-series programs in the works there. Marvel would have to sign off on the deal.

As the X-Men has always been Marvel’s soap opera, an hour-long prime time series is a good format to tell the mutant’s stories. Imagine if they went full comic book with it and did colorful costumes like the Arrowverse has…