eBook Scam Site Claims Baron Zemo is in Civil War


baron zemoThis morning a link is being spread around by people claiming it’s confirmation that Daniel Brühl’s character in Captain America: Civil War is Baron Zemo.

The problem is it’s a scam site responsible for spreading false information in the past sell a guy’s eBook.

This “Disney Casting Calls” website has actually had multiple domains over the last couple years. Every time his scam is discovered he just moves the site to another URL. Last year the site was spreading bogus casting rumors about The Force Awakens using a different domain, and now he’s doing the same for Captain Amercia: Civil War claiming that Baron Zemo is in the movie.

We won’t link to the site anymore as eBook scams don’t deserve traffic.

Is it possible that Baron Zemo is a villain in the film? Yes. Could Daniel Brühl be playing him? Sure. But it’s best to wait for better confirmation than a scam site that just wants to sell you an eBook.