Star Wars Rebels: Vision of Hope Review



Over the first ten or so episodes, Star Wars Rebels has introduced many supporting characters beyond the family of Rebels. Its February 2nd episode reunites many of these characters for one of the best episodes yet.

The episode opens with showing more of Ezra’s Jedi training. Think Luke with the drone on the Falcon, but on a much bigger level. After all, Ezra has more friends that can participate in his training than Luke did. During this Ezra has a vision in the Force that he thinks is true, right before they hear a new message from Senator Gall Trayvis.

This message includes a code that leads the rebels to believe that Senator Trayvis wishes to meet with them in an old Senate building right there on Lothal. Again like the Jedi temple in Path of the Jedi, magically having the location right there on Lothal sort of feels cheap. Like, again, they didn’t want to make a whole new planet for them to go to and instead keep the show “bottled” on Lothal. Hopefully the budget will increase in the second season and we’ll get off Lothal more.

Before the meeting Ezra bumps into Zaire. I thought it was cool to bring him back, but in all the meeting didn’t really amount to much. Ezra was about to tell Zaire his real name when a couple of Stormtroopers interrupt them. We do learn that Zaire has been promoted, which could set up some future drama where he’ll have to be hunting Ezra…

I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises in the episode here, but I will say that we do learn the truth about Senator Gall Trayvis and whether or not he is really out to help the Rebellion. Early in the episode Hera talks a bit more about her contact Fulcrum, but nothing new is reveled on that front just yet.

With the the seeds for future drama that are planted here, Vision of Hope ranks up there with Path of the Jedi and Rise of the Old Masters as among the best of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. You can find the episode on your cable system’s OnDemand offerings now, it should be on WatchDisneyXD soon, and it’ll air normally on February 2nd.