Rumor: Heroes in Battlefront Could Work Like Titans in Titanfall


star-wars-battlefrontAside from that short teaser trailer they released at E3 2014 that showed some Endor footage, DICE’s upcoming reboot of Star Wars Battlefront has been well under wraps. We’re obviously going to see a blow-out for it at this E3 in a few months (as it’s likely hitting in November), but that doesn’t stop some things from trickling out.

SWTOR Strategies is one of the oldest fansites for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and they found that the Heroes in Battlefront my work similarly to the Titans in Titanfall:

If DICE did follow the way Titanfall works each player will have an opportunity to play as a hero since the game is set on a timer. This would make it fair for every player in the game, but there are different ways DICE could make the game work.

They also speculate that DICE could model Hero use after Killstreaks in Call of Duty, but the Titanfall model seems the most likely. We’ll likely know how they’ll handle heroes in Battlefront after EA officially reveals the game (and gameplay) at E3 this summer.