Could Visceral\’s Star Wars Game Feature a Young Han Solo?


Star Wars 1313 Character

When Lucasarts “cancelled” Star Wars 1313 the placeholder character (above) was changed to a young Boba Fett. Over the course of the game you would play the popular bounty hunter as he assembled his familiar armor and discovered his jetpack. Obviously that goes against established Star Wars canon, so in a way it’d be a good thing that didn’t happen.

Lucasfilm never really discards anything. Even long abandoned concepts and even characters from ancient Star Wars projects end up being reused at some point. The sheer amount of engine work that Lucasarts did on 1313, and its ambitions of improving ILM’s motion capture systems, means that it’s extremely likely that all of that progress was just deleted when the game was “cancelled”

When Naughty Dog’s Amy Hennig joined EA Visceral to work on a Star Wars game, alarms among some fans went off. 1313 was basically Uncharted in the Star Wars universe, and who better to make that sort of game for EA than one of the people responsible for the Uncharted series?

Today StarWars7News says that they’ve heard the game Visceral is working on now features a young Han Solo. I believe this is 100% true. Prior to 1313 being turned into a Boba Fett game, there was a point where it would’ve starred Han instead of the bounty hunter.

That’s why when Visceral’s Han Solo game is finally revealed, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the game looked at lot like 1313. However it may be a long time before we see a reveal, as Battlefront is the 2015 Star Wars game, so we just need to be patient with it.