Rumor: Karl Urban Wanted for the Aquaman Villain


Aquaman-vs.-Ocean-MasterEven though it’s not due out until 2018 there are already rumors as to who may be the villain in the standalone Aquaman movie. While Jason Momoa will make an appearance in Batman V Superman and both Justice League movies, the King of Atlantis will get his own solo adventure and now it’s time to start speculating who the villain will be.

According to Latino Review, the filmmakers really wants Karl Urban as the villain. So much so that they’re willing to wait for him to finish work on Star Trek 3.

The question is what villain he’ll play. Obviously the biggest possibility is Arthur’s half-brother Orm, aka Ocean Master. Some have suggest Black Manta, but unless they’re changing his race that wouldn’t make sense. Orm on the other hand would be a good fit for Karl Urban (watch Chronicles of Riddick) and he’s been a big part of the New 52 Aquaman comics thus far.

Of course, 2018 is so far away all of this is subject to change and again is just a rumor.