Navajo Dub of A New Hope Will Screen At Star Wars Celebration


luke-skywalker-on-tatooineThere are a lot of things to look forward to at Star Wars Celebration in April, and now there’s another version of A New Hope there in addition to the Special Edition one. Star Wars has been translated into virtually every language, but Celebration will be screening a very rare translation.

The convention announced today that you’ll be able to see the Navajo dub at Celebration and there will be a panel and documentary about it:

Star Wars: A New Hope was the first mainstream movie to be dubbed into the Navajo language, and fans at Celebration can see a behind-the-scenes documentary on how that came to be, created especially for the event.

Following the never-before-seen documentary footage, and a Q&A session with key players from the Navajo Nation and the film industry, Star Wars: A New Hope will be screened in the Navajo dub – a treat for Star Wars movie fans, and fans of languages, and of course for anyone who speaks Navajo!

Depending on what day this is taking place, and what other events are going on at the same time, this is definitely something I’d want to check out. Hopefully more rarities such as this show up at Celebration.