Rumor: Doctor Strange Appears in Age of Ultron\’s Credit Scene


benedict-cumberbatch-doctor-strange-e1417735212193This is just a rumor, but one that makes a bit of sense based on where Marvel is taking Phase 3. A Twitter “insider” who has leaked some big things in the past (Twitter suspended him for leaking images from a work-in-progress Terminator: Genysis trailer) has posted something interesting about Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As Marvel is currently doing re-shoots for the Avengers sequel, it’s possible we may see a Sorcerer Supreme in one of the credits scenes:

It’s not known whether or not this will be the first scene in the credits or the after-credits scene, but with Marvel wanting Strange to be such a big focus of Phase 3 it would make a lot of sense to tease him at the end of Phase 2….