Gotham Renewed While Constantine Dies


constantineThis weekend Fox renewed that horrible Batman prequel series Gotham for a second season. It’s hard to believe people are still watching that piece of crap, with its forgettable “villain of the week” format and questionable changes to Batman canon, but apparently enough are for it to come back for more mediocrity.

There was a theory when the series was given a full first season that the Netflix deal, where the streaming service paid Fox anywhere between $1 and $2 million per episode, could have been the reason Fox gave it a season. Could Netflix be doing the same for season two, giving Fox a reason to keep it on the air for all that money?

The sad thing about such a horrible comic book show being renewed for a second season is that a good one is about to be cancelled. NBC’s Constantine doesn’t have a second season, and the network says they’re still talking about it. Things really don’t look good for the show.

You could blame NBC themselves for putting Gotham in the Friday night death slot of 10:00pm. People like to cite Hannibal as a success in that slot, but Hannibal also had a shock factor that kept people tuning in. Constantine is actually a bit more tame than that.

Sadly it seems like Constantine will be the new version of the 90s Flash series. A great comic book adaptation doomed by poor scheduling by the network. Watch Constantine while you can, it probably won’t be around too much longer.