Marvel Will Not Be Making New \’Legends\’ Star Wars Comics


star-wars-euWhen Lucasfilm announced that the old Star Wars Expanded Universe would not be part of the canon going forward, and thus labeled “Legends”, fans of those stories held out hope that they would continue. Despite Lucasfilm and all of their licenses focusing on the new movies and television shows to build a new canon from, these fans kept trying to keep the hope alive that some licensee would continue the “Legends” universe.

The latest focus of their attention is Marvel, who just released the first of their new Star Wars comics that exist in the new canon. A reader asked Marvel’s Jordan D. White on his tumblr about revisiting the EU, and this was his response:

We’re going to be reprinting plenty of the Legends material, but we don’t have any plans to make new comic stories that take place in the Legends world.

I cannot say much about whether Legend stuff might become canon. That’s going to be up to the story group on a case-by-case basis, I think. If we came up with a really compelling reason to bring something in that only existed in the EU, I think they would take our request seriously and consider it.

Right now, we are more focused on the stuff that comes from the canon, and coming up with new stories.

The story group has been taking bits and pieces from the EU, such as the lighsaber fighting styles now made canon in Rebels, to bring into the new canon. However there really haven’t been any major elements (such as key characters) that have been made canon yet. Going forward it’s possible they’ll only be taking select, small, things from the EU and leaving things such as offspring names and spouses of the main characters in the “Legends” universe.