Fox May Bring Back The X-Files!


x-filesEver since 20th Century Fox made the brilliant decision to release The X-Files: I Want to Believe right up against The Dark Knight back in 2008 fans have been hoping that Mulder and Scully would get another chance. And now they may.

It’s extremely early, but Deadline has confirmed that Fox is “in talks” over a “new installment” of The X-Files. That’s not very specific so it’s not known if this will be a hard reboot with new characters coming back, or if we’ll see Mulder and Scully in action one more time much like what happened with 24 recently.

Even if it’s just a limited series like they did with 24, it’d be better than nothing. And a short 13 episode season would probably be easier for them to pull off than a third movie…and easier for them to get off the ground. Hopefully this all plays out and we’ll get The X-Files back!