UPDATE: Warwick Davis and Vader From The Force Awakens Set?



Last night in the UK Warwick Davis appeared on “The One Show” and shared a couple selfies of himself that he took on The Force Awakens set. One was of him and Chewie, and another was him and Vader. We’ve known Chewie was in Episode VII, but does this mean that Vader is as well?

Not necessarily. While there have been rumors that there were Vader suits made at Pinewood, and we know for a face that a burned-out Vader helmet prop was made, it doesn’t mean that Vader is resurrected in The Force Awakens. Sure, you’ll see a bunch of sensational clickbait articles today claiming this is proof that Vader is the villain in The Force Awakens, but if the suit is being used at all in the movie it’s most likely for a flashback of sorts.

Still, his selfie of a Vader suit that was claimed to be at Pinewood is proof that seems to confirm the rumors the suits were made there.

UPDATE: Warwick Davis says these selfies are from Star Wars Weekends, NOT Episode VII:

The #StarWars selfies everyone's talking about were taken for my show at #StarWarsWeekends, DisneyWorld last year. pic.twitter.com/3iMiTXOB44

— Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) January 15, 2015