Warning: A Fake Spider-Man Infinity War Trailer is Being Shared…


avengers-infinity-warFake trailers, and trailer screenshots, are nothing new. We’ve been seeing them a lot for The Force Awakens over the last year, such as the very fake “dailies” that got spread around last summer. And just last week the internet went nuts over a fake Batman V Superman screen that said the movie would be split in two.

With the latest rumor about Spider-Man joining the Avengers, the fake that’s being spread this week around deals with Infinity War. Except this one is so fake it’s a wonder anyone could ever fall for it. Cosmic Book News (who famously started the bogus Lex Luthor rumor last year) is guilty of spreading this fake and it’s very easy to spot how bad it is:

  • It just uses the end credits for The Avengers. As that movie made two billion dollars, you’d think someone would recognize that.
  • The webbing effect is just an After Effects plugin, that you can see here.

If you want to see the latest hoax that Cosmic Book News is trying to make go viral, you can laugh at it from this embed: