Lena Dunham Claims She Didn\’t Know Adam Driver Was in The Force Awakens…


the-force-awakens-teaserGirls star Lena Dunham seems to have an issue keeping things straight in regards to what is or is not true. Back when Adam Driver was rumored to be cast in Episode VII, Lena Dunham seemed to confirm the rumors by tweeting about how he was about to “rip a hole in da force”.

I guess with all of the drama over dubious rape claims and the stuff with her sister that’s in her book she forgot about those tweets, as she just told MTV:

“He’s a person with an iron will, solid refusal,” [Lena] Dunham, Driver’s on-screen girlfriend, said. “I don’t even know that he is [in it], I only know it from internet rumors and the fact that he was like gone from our set for a while.”

Oh really? You only knew he was in the movie from internet rumors? What about the rumor you started in February 2014:



Maybe she should’ve gone back and deleted her old Tweet before saying something like that to MTV?