Gary Whitta is No Longer Writing Star Wars


star-wars-celebrateGary Whitta, the writer of that box office smash After Earth, is no longer writing the Gareth Edwards Star Wars spin-off.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the writer finished a first draft and is now off the project:

Whitta was working with Gareth Edwards, the filmmaker behind last year’s Godzilla movie, on the project and completed a first draft. But he has now left the project, which will likely hire a new writer.

Star Wars fans will remember that when Whitta was originally hired he quickly deleted his anti-Star Wars internet posts that included such gems as:

OG editions of Episodes IV, V, and VI ACQUIRED! Ripping them to AppleTV this afternoon, then I plan to watch the trilogy the way I remember it! Fuck Lucas and his vandalized Blu-Rays. He’s turned us all into scavengers, scraping around in the trash cans of the internet for our childhoods.

Obligatory joke about how Lucas already made Star Wars comedy, it’s called Episodes I-III, etc etc

I mean the OT. I don’t know what Revenge of the Sith is, is that fan fiction?

It’s not known yet what led to Whitta being removed from the project after finishing one draft of the script, but if they’re hiring another writer to work on the movie…it’s likely it wasn’t a good reason.