Batman V Superman Trailer With Jupiter Ascending?


This week the internet was buzzing after a rumor started that we’ll see the first Batman V Superman trailer attached to Jupiter Ascending when it hits theaters next month. The problem with this rumor is when you trace it backwards to the origin of it, everything falls apart.

It all started when an editor from Latino Review proudly tweeted that we’d see the trailer on Jupiter Ascending:
However, the source of this information admits that the whole thing was just a guess. Not long prior to his tweet, a movie trailer projection site posted that the trailer will appear on Jupiter Ascending:

However that site is not official, and are just making guesses. They even say so in small text above the list that many people miss: “ONLY AN INDICATION AS TO WHEN CERTAIN TRAILERS WILL/MIGHT BE RELEASED. NOT AN OFFICIAL/COMPLETE SCHEDULE.” When questioned on Twitter about the Batman V Superman trailer, they admit that it (and most of the list) are just guesses:
They also have three other dates for Batman V Superman on the same list! They also list it as a possibility with Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Mad Max: Fury Road. So at this point while it would be a nice surprise to see the trailer next month on Jupiter Ascending, don’t go into the theater expecting to see anything as you may end up disappointed. This also wouldn’t be the first time Latino Review’s El Mayimbe was duped by fake Batman V Superman news. Recently someone sent him a fake script that he sourced a bogus villains scoop from. The scoop has since been deleted from their site.