The Force Awakens Toys Hit Shelves September 4th in Kylo Ren Packaging


Kylo RenThere’s been quite a bit of news the last few weeks regarding the upcoming toys for The Force Awakens. Ever since the original Star Wars, the toys have been a huge part of the franchise so people are eagerly awaiting the new action figures and vehicles from Episode VII. After Habro revealed they wouldn’t show the toys at the upcoming Toy Fair there were even some who worried that JJ’s Mystery Box would delay the toys until right before the movie release. Now we know that isn’t the case. has learned that not only will the first wave of The Force Awakens toys hit store shelves on September 4th, and the packaging will feature Kylo Ren. This fits with recent tradition for the Star Wars movie packaging to feature a villain. Episode I had Darth Maul, III had Vader, and the recent Rebels figures have the Stormtrooper. While some were hoping for “vintage” style packaging, that’s usually reserved for non-movie waves that include figures from across the saga.

If the figures are coming out on September 4th, then it will appear that by this fall Lucasfilm won’t be too worried about preserving the Mystery Box in the last couple of months leading up to the movie’s release.