Liam Neeson Open to Returning to Star Wars (Again)


Qui-Gon-JinnWhile Liam Neeson returned as Qui-Gon in an episode of The Clone Wars, there hasn’t been any hint of the Jedi Master returning to the big screen. However if Lucasfilm needed him to show up in a future movie or even spin-off, he’d be open to it.

Yahoo Movies UK posted this interview with Liam Neeson while he was promoting Taken 3 and he tries to come up with some ideas of how Qui-Gon could come back. A spin-off is a possibility, as is voice over work in one of the sequels. Despite the interviewer saying “Qui-John” it’s a pretty cool bit to see Neeson trying to bring back Qui-Gon in his mind.

Here’s the video: