Rumor: All Six Star Wars Movies Being Released Digitally in May


jedi-rocksFor at least the last year there have been very heavy rumors that Lucasfilm was prepping the entire Star Wars saga for a digital release. Much like how the four Indiana Jones movies were released via iTunes, the same is being planned for all six Star Wars movies. Initially rumors were saying that we would see this happen last November, but it obviously didn’t. Now some evidence has come to light that we may see it come to pass in time for May the 4th this year.

JediNews has found solicitations from Hasbro showing plans to release figure box sets for all six movies to support a digital release of them this May. They point out that these are almost identical to the 2011 sets released to support the Blu-Ray releases, which mean this will be a digital release of the Blu-Ray cuts and NOT the non-Special Edition versions some sites may try to convince you they are.

There are several very good reasons why we aren’t seeing the non-Special Editions being released. We’ve covered it in-depth before, but every time a rumor of a new Star Wars release comes out people will use it for clickbait to tell people they’re the non-SEs as they prey on what people want to hear. Lucas maintains the final cut on all six Star Wars movies, and even though he sold Lucasfilm to Disney they won’t step on his toes to take away his final cut.