Expect Eight to Fifteen Months Between Marvel Netflix Series



Those hoping to see Jessica Jones on Netflix soon after the premiere of Daredevil need to brace themselves. While many were expecting the next Netflix Marvel series to arrive later this year, we may not see another one until 2016.

This was revealed by Netflix via an interview that Zap2It caught:

Fans hoping for more details about Netflix’s Marvel plans were in luck, as Sarandos opened up a bit about the rollout of the five announced shows. He says viewers can expect them to come out “roughly a year” apart, with anywhere from eight to 15 months between premieres.

“We’re not trying to hit a fall programming schedule or hit a grid number,” Sarandos explains. “We want to give them enough room and enough time to make a great show. I don’t want to set up a rigid time table.”

This could be why we’ve yet to hear any major casting news on Iron Fist yet. Luke Cage was announced as the character appears in Jessica Jones, but since his series and Iron Fist could be years away they probably aren’t that far in development just yet.