Marvel Wasted No Time Reprinting Dark Horse\’s Star Wars Comics


marvel-dark-horse-reprintsOn January 1st, Dark Horse officially lost the Star Wars license and could no longer sell any of the licensed comics they published for the past two decades. People were wondering how quickly Marvel would reprint the books, and it looks like they already have.

Now this is likely only digital, but Marvel is making available several of the most popular Dark Horse trade paperbacks. This comes just over a week following the end of Dark Horse’s massive fire sale where they locked buyers of the comics into their limited digital ecosystem. If people had waited just a week, they could’ve bought the same comics through Marvel, which is tied into the more commonly used ComiXology.

I never liked that Dark Horse used their own separate digital ecosystem for digital comics while everyone else was going to ComiXology. That’s why I would read the Dark Horse comics physically while everything else I read was digital. Now that’s no longer an obstacle thanks to Marvel reprinting the books in their digital storefront.

And that’s the big upside to all of this. While some people consider Marvel reprinting the books to be “distasteful” so soon after Dark Horse lost the license, for digital comic readers it’s a big plus. Now you can have your digital Dark Horse Star Wars comics in the same app as all your other comics…including the new ones Marvel is going to be publishing.

This also isn’t without precedent. When Boom lost the Disney license, Marvel reprinted most of their recent stuff. There just wasn’t outrage from the equally fanatical Disney fanbase over that…