Captain America Will Have a Presence in Agent Carter


cap-winter-soldierMarvel’s eight-episode mini-series Agent Carter kicks off tomorrow night, but fans have been wondering if Captain America will be mentioned at all in the series. After all, the entire genesis of the show was Peggy Carter in the Captain America movies and the Marvel One Shot. As it turns out there will be a Cap presence of sorts in the show.

EW has revealed that that you’ll hear about Cap via a radio show that exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

“It’s the bane of Peggy’s existence because you have the Peggy character on the show, Betty Carver, and she’s played by this actress who does a soft Marilyn Monroe voice and she’s always in jeopardy,” executive producer Michele Fazekas says. “If someone has a radio on, you’ll sometimes hear it, and it’s like, ‘Oh my God, can you please turn that off?’ It’s just fun and a great little window into that time period.”

As Steve Rogers is a capcicle at this time, a radio show is one way to keep the Captain America references alive in the series.