The Makers of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Hated Man of Steel


the-amazing-spider-man-2Man of Steel gets a lot of undeserved hate from the internet and people who just don’t get Spider-Man. We love Man of Steel here, and whenever see see someone bashing it for the same tired reasons we tend to just roll our eyes. And when a studio the produced a sub-par Spider-Man movie does it? We roll on the floor laughing.

Sony’s lawyer attack dog is currently threatening to sue Twitter over Val Broeksmit’s account, which has been sharing leaked emails from the hack. In one of his recent shares, it was revealed that Sony really hated Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

In one email, Sony’s Amy Pascal is quoted as saying, “This superman movie is really bad.” The replies echo that and show that Sony has no fricken clue what they’re doing with superheroes when they say the best part of the Richard Donner Superman was “having him pretend he was a doofus”.

Seeing these clueless points of view come into the open now explain why Sony’s Spider-Man franchise if faltering. Rumors from the hack have revealed that Amazing Spider-Man 2 only made the studio around $64 million in profit, which is abysmal for a major superhero tentpole. Hopefully the rumored deal with Marvel comes about to save Spidey, or if needed Disney could buy Sony Pictures completely…which is another rumor flying about.