Vin Diesel as Black Bolt in Inhumans? Not So Fast…


Inhumans-Black-BoltThis weekend, Vin Diesel updated his Facebook page with an image of his Fast and the Furious character standing in front of text that reads “Are You Inhuman?”. Obviously people wanting to make a casting scoop immediately began to spread this as confirmation that Vin Diesel will be fulfilling the internet’s fancasting of him as Black Bolt in 2018’s Inhumans movie.

The reason why all of this hype over Diesel promoting himself for the movie makes me roll my eyes is due to his history of this sort of thing. Marvel didn’t have him in mind for Groot in Guardians, he got the role for creating a viral frenzy via his Facebook page…just like this.

Prior to him being cast in Guardians, he posted on his Facebook that he had some kind of meeting with Marvel, and he didn’t know what it was about. Except the truth is, Marvel never asked to meet with him and he was just doing it to get attention…in the hopes of getting a meeting with Marvel.

After his Facebook post about that went viral, Marvel felt like they at least had to see what they could offer Diesel…and the result was him saying three lines over and over in Guardians of the Galaxy.

As Black Bolt wouldn’t be doing much talking in Inhumans, I could see Marvel tossing the role to Diesel as he has the right look for the character. But to think that he’s been cast in a Marvel movie four years before its release is foolish on the part of the people falling for his latest bit of self-promotion.

Marvel has still yet to cast the rest of the Doctor Strange roster, the rest of the cast in Black Panther, and not to mention Captain Marvel (who may have a cameo in Age of Ultron with the reshoots). We won’t be hearing of Inhumans casting for a very long time.