First Ant Man Trailer Could Be Out Next Month


ant-man-btsThe most controversial Marvel movie in 2015 won’t be Age of Ultron or that crappy Fantastic Four reboot. No, the internet has already decided that Ant Man will suck due to the whole Edgar Wright situation and their complete lack of understanding of how Marvel does things. It sounds like we’ll get our first look at Ant Man very soon, as a trailer is complete.

Canada’s Alberta Film Ratings has a classification listed for a 1:48 Ant Man trailer. Usually when a trailer appears on that site it’s only about a month away from release. It’s possible we’ll see it on TV with Agent Carter beginning in January, although it’s possible Marvel will hold it longer for a theatrical release or the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in March.

We’re also due to see a longer Age of Ultron trailer sometime within the next couple months, but right now it looks like the Ant Man teaser will be hitting first.