Knights of the Old Republic Now Available on Android!


KOTOR AndroidBioWare’s classic role-playing game, Knights of the Old Republic, has been re-released on PCs, Macs, and iOS for quite a while and now the rest of the mobile world can play it.

After a very long wait, the game is now available on Android devices via the Google Play store for about $4.99. The game is compatible with Android tablets, as well as a wide variety of Android phones and is basically just a straight port of the same touch-screen enhanced version people have been playing on iOS for the last few years.

The vast range of Android devices on the market is why games such as this take so long to be brought to the platform, but the wait should be worth it for fans of this classic. If you’ve never played KOTOR before, now’s your chance and $5 is a pretty good price for one of the most influential and popular Star Wars games ever made.