The Force Awakens Action Figures Leak



This is something that actually happened a lot earlier than expected. Back when The Force Awakens was originally going to be released on May 22nd next year, the date for the action figures to hit the US warehouses from China was rumored to be in early March. So that’s when most people expected to see the toys begin to leak. Not so this time.

Rebel Scum found a photo that was sitting on a Chinese toy forum that shows the 6″ prototypes for (from left to right) Kylo Ren, Finn, Rey, BB-8, and of course Chewie.

This is the first look at Kylo Ren from the front with his hood down, and the figure seems to confirm a couple of things. One, he’s obviously not Darth Revan as the KOTOR fans were hoping. He’s just the Sith fanboy who’s collecting artifacts to be an imposter. And the other is that with his height compared to Finn and Rey it’s obviously Adam Driver that’s playing that character.

With the toy leaks beginning this early, maybe we’ll see more characters leak out before the end of the year…