Marky Mark Will Return in Transformers 5


cadePeople love to bash Michael Bay’s mindless Bayhem in the Transformers movies, as well as the acting, but as every Transformers fan knows the humans are always second to the robots. The first three movies were burdened with Shia LaNonononono, but Age of Extinction upgraded the main human character to Marky Mark.

Even though they missed a huge opportunity to introduce the Autobot Blaster to the franchise, and have him play “Good Vibrations”, they’ll have a couple more chances as Wahlberg told MTV that he’s back for Transformers 5:

“Yeah, I committed to doing a couple more,” Wahlberg said when asked if he was contracted for anything beyond “Age of Extinction.”

Michael Bay may not be coming back, but if they don’t have Blaster play one of Marky Mark’s songs in either Transformers 5 of Transformers 6 they’ll be mission a huge comedic opportunity.