Details on Spider-Man\’s Possible \’Civil War\’ Cameo


spider-man-civil-warWe now know that it’s unlikely that Spider-Man will make a large cameo in Captain America: Civil War, but there’s still a possibility of a post-credits scene. However due to the Sony hack and their “Christmas gift” of Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton’s leaked emails we now know exactly what the Spidey cameo in Civil War would’ve consisted of.

A twitter user named “val broeksmit” posted some of the leaked Lynton emails, and from them this is what we know about the plans for Spider-Man:

  • In Captain America: Civil War Tony Stark would recruit Spider-Man and give him a suit (the Iron Spider suit?). He’d meet the rest of the heroes such as Cap and Black Widow, etc.
  • Following that the first Spider-Man standalone would have him back home in Queens with Aunt May and back in school, while living in a world affected by Civil War where heroes are split into groups.
  • Marvel would then want Spider-Man to appear in Avengers: Infinity War parts 1 and 2.
  • Sony then would want a second standalone Spider-Man by 2019 so there isn’t too much time between his movies.

That Civil War cameo could easily still be done as a post-credits stinger. It’s a short enough thing that it doesn’t have to be in the main narrative of the movie, and it would drive fans insane just to see Spider-Man on screen with Tony Stark.