Andy Serkis Only Plays One Character in The Force Awakens


clone-wars-zombieWhen the hopes and dreams of Tumblr were crushed last month following the revelation that Andy Serkis, not Benedict Cumberbatch, narrates The Force Awakens teaser trailer some fans began to speculate that he plays more than one character in the movie.

Based on his history doing CG motion capture, and the appearance of a small blue alien in much of the leaked concept art, many believed that Serkis would be playing the small blue alien in addition to his villain character codenamed “Uber”. In a new interview with EW, Serkis reveals he’s only playing one character:

2.) Serkis, a pioneer of performance-capture technology, will not play multiple characters in the movie.
The rumor that Serkis will take on more than one part is “not true at all,” Serkis says. “I can say I only play one character.”

Other interesting things revealed in the interview is that Serkis isn’t leading a crew of motion captured acrobats, the movie was always just named “Episode VII” and then “The Force Awakens” (no Ancient Fear or New Dawn), and that the character he plays has been “through some stuff”.